Statement des serbischen Delegationssprechers,

Militärbasis Kumanovo (Macedonien), zum Abbruch der militärischen Verhandlungen, 7.6.99/2:43-45

[...] in good faith [...] a technical agreement based on a political document adopted in Belgrade in the direct talks, bilateral talks between special Russian presidential envoy Mr. Wiktor Tchernomyrdin, President Ahtisaari and President Milosevic. The talks were constructive and positive. They pursuit a good faith and we will continue to do so. We have a mandate based on the decision of the parliament of the Republic of Serbia and of the government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to achieve [a] technical agreement, technical mutual agreement based on the principles put forward in [the] Belgrade meeting. Those principles include full respect of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with Kosovo as integral part, and also a deployment of international security presence under the auspices of UN - or a presence established by the Security Council decision.

We will continue with our constructive effort and we are ready to talk further. Speculations that we have no mandate for those talks are not correct. A lot of media reported today [that] we have a clear mandate in accordance with the political document established in Belgrade. Thank you.

(c) Transkription: W. NÄSER 7.6.99 am