Appendix B:

Status of Multi-National Military Implementation Force


3. The Parties recognize the need for expeditious departure and entry procedures for NATO personnel. Such personnel shall be exempt from passport and visa regulations and the registration requirements applicable to aliens. At all entry and exit points to/from the FRY, NATO personnel shall be permitted to enter/exit the FRY on production of a national identification (ID) card. NATO personnel shall carry identification which they may be requested to produce for the authorities in the FRY, but operations, training, and movement shall not be allowed to be impeded or delayed by such requests. [...]

(a) NATO shall be immune from all legal process, whether civil, administrative, or criminal.

(b) NATO personnel, under all circumstances and at all times, shall be immune from the Parties' jurisdiction in respect of any civil, administrative, criminal, or disciplinary offenses which may be committed by them in the FRY. The Parties shall assist States participating in the operation in the exercise of their jurisdiction over their own nationals. [...]

7. NATO personnel shall be immune from any form of arrest, investigation, or detention by the authorities in the FRY. NATO personnel erroneously arrested or detained shall immediately be turned over to NATO authorities.

8. NATO personnel shall enjoy, together with their vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and equipment, free and unrestricted passage and unimpeded access throughout the FRY including associated airspace and territorial waters. This shall include, but not be limited to, the right of bivouac, maneuver, billet, and utilization of any areas or facilities as required for support, training, and operations. [...]

10. The authorities in the FRY shall facilitate, on a priority basis and with all appropriate means, all movement of personnel, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, equipment, or supplies, through or in the airspace, ports, airports, or roads used. No charges may be assessed against NATO for air navigation, landing, or takeoff of aircraft, whether government-owned or chartered. Similarly, no duties, dues, tolls or charges may be assessed against NATO ships, whether government-owned or chartered, for the mere entry and exit of ports. Vehicles, vessels, and aircraft used in support of the operation shall not be subject to licensing or registration requirements, nor commercial insurance.

11. NATO is granted the use of airports, roads, rails, and ports without payment of fees, duties, dues, tolls, or charges occasioned by mere use. NATO shall not, however, claim exemption from reasonable charges for specific services requested and received, but operations/movement and access shall not be allowed to be impeded pending payment for such services. [...]

14. NATO shall be allowed to import and to export, free of duty, taxes and other charges, such equipment, provisions, and supplies as NATO shall require for the operation, provided such goods are for the official use of NATO or for sale to NATO personnel. Goods sold shall be solely for the use of NATO personnel and not transferable to unauthorized persons.

15. The Parties recognize that the use of communications channels is necessary for the Operation. NATO shall be allowed to operate its own internal mail services. The Parties shall, upon simple request, grant all telecommunications services, including broadcast services, needed for the operation, as determined by NATO. This shall include the right to utilize such means and services as required to assure full ability to communicate, and the right to use all of the electro-magnetic spectrum for this purpose, free of cost. In implementing this right, NATO shall make every reasonable effort to coordinate with and take into account the needs and requirements of appropriate authorities in the FRY.

16. The Parties shall provide, free of cost, such public facilities as NATO shall require to prepare for and execute the Operation. The Parties shall assist NATO in obtaining, at the lowest rate, the necessary utilities, such as electricity, water, gas and other resources, as NATO shall require for the Operation.

17. NATO and NATO personnel shall be immune from claims of any sort which arise out of activities in pursuance of the operation; however, NATO will entertain claims on an ex gratia basis. [...]

19. Commercial undertakings operating in the FRY only in the service of NATO shall be exempt from local laws and regulations with respect to the terms and conditions of their employment and licensing and registration of employees, businesses, and corporations.

20. NATO may hire local personnel who on an individual basis shall remain subject to local laws and regulations with the exception of labor/employment laws. However, local personnel hired by NATO shall:

(a) be immune from legal process in respect of words spoken or written and all acts performed by them in their official capacity;
(b) be immune from national services and/or national military service obligations;
(c) be subject only to employment terms and conditions established by NATO; and
(d) be exempt from taxation on the salaries and emoluments paid to them by NATO.

21. In carrying out its authorities under this Chapter, NATO is authorized to detain individuals and, as quickly as possible, turn them over to appropriate officials.

22. NATO may, in the conduct of the operation, have need to make improvements or modifications to certain infrastructure in the FRY, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, and utility systems. Any such improvements or modifications of a non-temporary nature shall become part of and in the same ownership as that infrastructure. Temporary improvements or modifications may be removed at the discretion of the NATO Commander, and the infrastructure returned to as near its original condition as possible, fair wear and tear excepted.

23. Failing any prior settlement, disputes with the regard to the interpretation or application of this Appendix shall be settled between NATO and the appropriate authorities in the FRY.

24. Supplementary arrangements with any of the Parties may be concluded to facilitate any details connected with the Operation.

25. The provisions of this Appendix shall remain in force until completion of the Operation or as the Parties and NATO otherwise agree.

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unimpeded access          ungehinderter Zugang
all acts performed by them    alle von ihnen begangenen Taten
(hier Sammelbegriff für) Flugzeuge, Fluggerät
(zu nutzender) Luftraum
supplementary arrangements      ergänzende Bestimmungen
(Gebühren) festsetzen, veranschlagen
  Regierung, Behörde(n)
authorized      berechtigt
(mil.) Biwak
billet  militärische Einquartierung
broadcast services      (Rund)Funkdienste
claims    (jur.) Ansprüche, Forderungen
commit    begehen (Straftat)
delay      verzögern
departure  (mil.)   Ausmarsch
detain   in Haft (be)halten, festhalten
disciplinary offenses      Disziplinardelikte, -vergehen
at the discretion of    nach dem Gutdünken (=Willkür!) von
dues        Abgaben, Gebühren
duties (on)     Abgaben, Zoll
emoluments  Einnahmen, Einkünfte
entry and exit points        Grenzübergangspunkte
enjoy       (jurist.) genießen; nutzen [können]
equipment     (mil.) Ausrüstung
erroneously    irrtümlich, aufgrund falscher Annahmen
exemt from    (juristisch) befreit von
expeditious   schnell (bereit)
facilitate    erleichtern
facilities    (mil.) Einrichtungen
failing any prior settlement       in Ermangelung vorheriger Regelungen, Übereinkommen
remain in force     in Kraft / wirksam bleiben
FRY (=Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)  Bundesrepublik Jugoslawien
hire       mieten, (temporär) beschäftigen
immune from   (jur.) geschützt gegen
implement    ausführen, erfüllen
improvement      Verbesserung
insurance     Versicherung
investigation   [strafrechtl.] Erhebung, Untersuchung
jurisdiction    Rechtsprechung, Gerichtsbarkeit
legal process   (jur.) [straf]rechtliche Verfolgung
means and services      Betriebsmittel und Dienste
movement     Bewegung, Verlegung (von Truppen)
nationals   (hier:)  Staatsangehörige
of a non-temporary nature   von dauerndem Bestand, v. zeitlich unbegrenzter Natur 
offense (Am.)   Straftat
official capacity     amtliche Eigenschaft
parties   (jur.)    Beteiligte an einem Vertrag
personnel shall be permitted       dem Personal ist es [künftig] gestattet
prepare for       vorbereiten
on production of    (hier:)  aufgrund des Vorzeigens von
provide      liefern, bereit-, zur Verfügung stellen
provided       unter der Voraussetzung ...
provisions      Bedingungen, Verfügungen
in pursuance of      im Verfolg / in Fortführung (e. Sache)
at the lowest rate     zum geringstmöglichen Tarif
requests       (hier jur.) (Auf-)Forderungen
supplies        Versorgungsgüter, -gegenstände
territorial waters      Binnengewässer
turn over      (jur.) übergeben, überstellen
occasioned by mere use     den zweckdienlichen Gebrauch betreffend, aus dem -- entstehend
utility systems
vehicles       (mil. + zivile) Fahrzeuge
vessel    (Kriegs-)Schiff
wear and tear   natürliche Abnutzung
utilization       Gebrauch, Verwendung, Nutzung

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