Die englische Version der Wenker-Sätze lesen Sie hier:

  1. In winter the dry leaves are flying around in the air.
  2. It will stop snowing soon, then the weather will get better.
  3. Put coals in the oven (so) that the milk will start boiling soon.
  4. The good old man has broken through the ice with his horse and has fallen into the cold water.
  5. He died four or six weeks ago.
  6. The fire was too hot, the cakes are burned all black underneath.
  7. He always eats the eggs without salt and pepper.
  8. My feet hurt so much, I believe I've walked them sore.
  9. I was with the woman and said it to her, and she said she wanted to say it to her daughter.
  10. I do not want to do it again.
  11. I'll let you have it about the head with the ladle, you monkey.
  12. Where are you going? Should we go along with you?
  13. These are bad times / the times are bad.
  14. My dear child, keep standing down here, (otherwise) the bad geese will bite you dead.
  15. You learned the most today and you have been well behaved; you may go home earlier than the others.
  16. You aren't tall enough yet to empty a bottle of wine; you have to grow a bit and get taller first.
  17. Go, be so good and tell your sister she sould finish sewing the clothes for your mother and clean them with the brush.
  18. If you had known him it would have been different and he would be better off.
  19. Who stole my basket with meat?
  20. He acted as if they had ordered him to (come to) thresh.
  21. Whom did he tell the new story?
  22. One has to shout loudly, otherwise he doesn't understand us.
  23. We are tired and thirsty.
  24. When we returned last night the others were already lying in bed and were fast asleep.
  25. Last night the snow kept lying on the ground but this morning it melted.
  26. Behind our house there are three beautiful apple-trees with small red apples.
  27. Can't you wait just one more moment for us? Then we'll go with you.
  28. You must not do such childish things.
  29. Our mountains aren' t very high; yours are much higher.
  30. How many pounds of sausage and how much bread do you want?
  31. I don't understand you; you must speak a bit louder.
  32. Haven't you found a small piece of white soap for me on the table?
  33. His brother wants to build for himself two beautiful new houses in your garden.
  34. That word came from his heart.
  35. That was right of them.
  36. What kind of little birds are sitting up there on the little wall?
  37. The farmers had brought five oxen and nine cows and twelve little sheep to the village; they wanted to sell them.
  38. The people are all out in the field mowing.
  39. Go ahead, the brown dog won't harm you.
  40. Together with the people I drove over the meadow back there into the grain.

(Redaktion: W. Näser 24.7.1996)